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Thanks for a fun ride, Healer -ya! Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. At the Healer lair, Jung-hoo sits down before a camera, answering questions from a list. Three: Was this job his dream? Jung-hoo scoffs, and says that his initial dream was to buy an uninhabited island.

Jong-soo drives Young-shin home after work and angles for an invitation, but gets sent home instead. Ha, will Jong-soo ever catch a break? Goons walk in, and one reaches for her. In between whirling combat maneuvers, Jung-hoo introduces himself to Dad, apologizing for not revealing his true name earlier. He binds them and instructs Dad and ajusshi to call the cops, report a robbery, and leave out mention of him.

Dad tries to wrap his head around everything and demands an explanation. Jung-hoo informs them that he will be taking Young-shin away to a safehouse for her protection. Now this is how you mix rom-com with spy thriller. They say goodbye and Jung-hoo leaves… and then whirls right back and moves in for a kiss. Ajusshi has to hold Dad back, and Jung-hoo actually stops himself awww and pretends he was just going to remind her to eat all her meals.

He answers a tipster call while heading out, and finds his informant sitting in a car in the garage. Then she slumps over, and Moon-ho jumps into the car to catch her… just as a camera snaps pictures.

It looks terrible—star reporter Kim Moon-ho in the backseat of a car with a high schooler. Protesters demand its dissolution, harassing staffers on their way in.

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I just love all the reaction shots in this episode. Jung-hoo finds that recording from the informant and plays it for his team over the line: The caller identifies herself as Kim Jae-yoon, a biochemist doing research in Russia. But this woman chased after me, fearlessly. Thinking about it, after she met me, her life really got tangled up.

She got hurt all the time, and even almost died. Back to Team Healer in the cafe. Young-shin uneasily puts the drive down, not wanting to hold it after all. No prints, and not even any blood. Gah, things just went from bad to worse. Ajumma slams the laptop shut angrily, and the detective asks curiously what her relationship to Jung-hoo is.

But Young-shin has seen the brief snippet of the video, which rattles her composure. Ajumma tells Jung-hoo that soon a nationwide search will unfold now, and he sighs that things were too easy.

healer ep 16 part 3 eng sub dailymotion

Time for Plan B. Moon-ho wheels Myung-hee into the cafe, and Young-shin lights up to see her. I must take after her. Jung-hoo-ya, where are you, off on your own, and what are you doing?The current password is the answer to this question: What did Jo Kwon dress up as in the 1st episode to meet Ga-In?

In fact, as a general rule, if you have any questions, please go read the FAQs first. My best answer is to go to 2odforum to download. The subs were not made for any monetary transactions. SO, please keep the videos for your own personal use and not upload it onto other public platforms. If you are looking for download from episode 1 to 25, please visit the 2odforum and fulfill their requirements in order to download the videos.

Either you put in 74 posts in their forum OR make a donation to gain access to the subbed videos. Actually the file is in. For Windows Users. For other Operating systems. If you downloaded the files from MediaFire, you would notice that the file names end with a. You will need HJ Split to join these files together. They are so cute and funny!!! Thanks again for sharing the eng sub!!! Episode 32? But if you are looking for the episode dated subbed, then you can go to t2ssubs channel on YT.

Will definitely be coming back regularly to check for updates. Adam couple w00t w00t!! I hope it will. Follow my twitter account. If not, you can download VLC media player.

If we do, we will upload Come to Play on the YT channel. If I can get hold of the subbed video links, I will post it up here. Great work guys! Just wanna will you release day 28 eng sub? Im really looking forward to see that episode. Just wanna ask when will you release day 28 eng sub? Hi There, thanks you very much for the subbing hards works… Many people you are making happy each week.

healer ep 16 part 3 eng sub dailymotion

So thanks again. I think they sent these pics as stickers to the Adam Couple. It gives me updates about the couple.

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I have so many question about this adam couple. We have released the eng subbed videos up till episode 28 Working on Episode 29 Korea just aired episode 30 In a compelling opening week, we get the first clues that the three central characters are all caught in the middle of a much bigger web.

But a spark of something has been kindled inside him. She calls them her friends, and a flashback shows a younger Young-shin surrounded by proud and doting ajusshis as she masters how to pick locks and pockets, and doctor open a safe. Late for work, Young-shin just makes the bus. We catch up to the previous episode as Jung-hoo boards right behind her.

Each time he tries to reach for them, though, Young-shin unintentionally foils him. His expression when she finally pulls on a hat is priceless. Suspecting she might be on to him, Min-ja advises him to target her bag instead, which may contain a hairbrush or toothbrush from which he can get his samples. He trails her, and quickly clocks the busy market street — fruit vendor, cyclist, empty can — and engineers a three-way collision with a kick to the last. That was kind of awesome. As fruit, cyclist and Young-shin go down, he takes her bag and scrams.

At this moment, Young-shin bursts in and accuses him of thievery. She calls police to report the thief, barring the door from the outside with a pole. Cap pulled down and hood up, Jung-hoo snaps the door open and drags her inside. She glimpses his reflection in the mirror and, intent on protecting his identity, Jung-hoo covers her eyes and slams a fist into it. Pinned against him, she sobs with terror when he goes for a knife, but he picks up nail-clippers instead… which terrifies her just as much.

She follows, urging him to recommend her to the boss for bigger jobs than deliveries. Only when she gives up does he march back to her. Dae-young deposits the envelope in a station locker, texting over the number and PIN code. And then we find out they are exes. I seeeee. In the newsroom, Moon-ho asks his assistant to drop off DNA samples to the lab. Jong-soo warns his sunbae to watch out for the administrative storm heading his way, due to his off-the-script broadcast. In response to her call, Moon-ho pays Myung-hee a visit, and she chides him for not showing his face these days, being so busy and famous.

Moon-ho follows hyung out and they chat about his latest mishap, which hyung seems to know a lot about.

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Moon-ho helps Myung-hee into bed and gives her her medication. Eventually, all of them will die — but one of them wakes up. He presents the dilemma: Should the awake one wake everyone else, and try to find an escape together? Or, Myung-hee finishes, should he leave them to sleep and die in peace? While she drowses, Moon-ho looks at her tenderly. He picks up the group photo on her nightstand, and remembers in flashback how a younger Myung-hee took care of him. Pretending to browse, he uses his body to block its line of view.

He plucks a hollowed-out book fitted with a spycam he must have planted earlier, and changes memory cards, taking the old one with him. Away from the estate, Moon-ho skims the video in his car, until he gets to the snippet of conversation between hyung and his secretary about the Healer. He replays it, listening to the two men scheme to get rid of both the errand boy and the gopher, and is troubled to see they successfully received the item he had tried to intercept.

Moon-ho is too overwhelmed by the news to speak. We catch up to Jung-hoo on a job. While we hear this, he navigates his way through a company building, executing an impressive series of disguises through sheer on-the-spot ingenuity.Join our Discord here!

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Moon-ho dreams. His childhood self runs through the hospital and comes upon Myung-hee noona cradling a newborn baby, looking happy. Then, so is Myung-hee. He forces his feet onward until he arrives at home, finding it ransacked, and that teddy bear torn open. With a jerk, Moon-ho wakes up in a cold sweat. He steps into the shower fully clothed, shaken.

힐러 17-4

It will be gone for months, but every time I think it might be forgotten, without fail it comes back to me. Because I have committed a sin. In the morning, Young-shin regales Dad with a recounting of her heroic rescue of the suicidal unni, whose name is Yeon-hee. She pauses momentarily when Dad asks what she said to make Yeon-hee listen to her, then glosses it over as some random nonsense she made up on the spot.

Dad shushes her before she puts her foot in it even moreand they ask Yeon-hee whether she has any family or friends she can go to.

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She pleads to be allowed to stay here, asking Dad to take on her case. He has to duck under her bed when Young-shin enters, in a grumpy mood because Dad offered her room to share with unni. He heads in to see Min-jae with his trademark charm dialed up to full, but she puts a damper on that by letting him know that his brother is in the building, meeting with the president. Interesting how little of her warnings faze him, but that one tidbit does.

Min-jae tells him to not push too far, then shows him a clip of a recent broadcast. Moon-ho apologizes, and catches his brother on his way out of the building. When she gets to the apartment, the entire hallway is full of reporters, and she gets taunted for being behind the curve.

She takes out her frustrations in her room that night with some air judo and then silly dancingand Jung-hoo, watching from across the way, shakes his head at her pitiful moves. Could she be bait to lure him in? They must have been tracked using CCTV footage around the motel, and Min-ja has a hunch as to one investigator who could be that fast. Ah, that leads us to Investigator Yoon, the leader of the cyber crimes team whom we met when inspecting the dead body.

He briefs his team at the police station, showing images of the Healer with now-dead Go Sung-chul. The Healer is still the number one suspect, and Investigator Yoon is all the more determined to nab him for good. Min-ja hacks in to see the autopsy report, and wonders who could have done it. Jung-hoo deduces that it has to be the person who contracted out the job in the first place, and recalls Go Sung-chul mentioning Jeil Newspaper. The question is, who at Jeil Newspaper?

Flashback to the motel. Jung-hoo recalls having felt a pinch of doubt, like he should have gotten on the train with the man to ensure his safety. Could this be the client?

Hotel del Luna Episode 1

Jung-hoo takes note of the license plate and puts Min-ja on tracking him, grabbing a shot of his face to scan as well. Jung-hoo positions himself at a vantage point up above to watch Moon-ho as he drives off, and he keeps apace with the car while running from rooftop to rooftop.

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Jung-hoo arrives outside the subway station just as minion Dae-yong arrives on her bike. He claims the bike and speeds off, continuing the pursuit on the road.

The case is against a certain President Hwang who collects young, struggling actresses and connects them with powerful men. Yeon-hee has already gone to the police, but was told there was no proof she was forced.I was most curious to see what the tone would actually be, because there were enough disparate elements in the descriptions to keep me guessing—would it be a multigenerational melodrama?

A conspiracy-driven thriller? A fun action romp? And while we often get dramas throwing at us an excess of genre modifiers that feel too scattered to work well spy-action-medical-political-thriller-romance, for instance, or comedy-paranormal-historical-court-intrigueI actually think Healer lives up to its promo descriptions, and keeps things moving smoothly, while hinting at a lot more depth beneath the surface.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. A large, deserted building. The site looks abandoned, but deep inside the industrial space lies a spiffy hi-tech lair, lined with expensive computers and state-of-the-art gadgets. Inside it, a young, fit man plays a game of virtual tennis and gets his butt kicked by his computer opponent.

healer ep 16 part 3 eng sub dailymotion

Jung-hoo ignores his cell phone, and moments later his tennis game gets hacked and a cartoon squiggle bursts in. She retorts that meeting a contact and taking a package is easy-peasy, and gets him going on the gig. Jung-hoo pauses to look up at the wall-sized screen sporting the image of a beautiful island, his narration telling us that he dreams of buying a deserted island off of Panama. But for now, work.

The hand-off point is in a subway station, and Jung-hoo keeps a low profile as he scopes out the scene. Deciding this job is too much hassle for the meager payday, he turns to leave, only to have Min-ja remind them that they need the cash and that their market is crowding with competition.

Jung-hoo turns back with a sigh. First, they have to figure out who these guys are, and Jung-hoo sidles up to one goon and distracts him with images of bikini-clad women on his phone.

In an apartment building, a young woman gets into the elevator with a deliveryman and comments that the top package is hers. She takes it from the deliveryman—and then darts into a stairwell to don a delivery vest herself, using the package as an excuse to knock on a different apartment. She makes up a few lies about requiring signatures to deliver mail, and the resident reluctantly opens the door to sign. When the woman complies, our faker hurriedly grabs her phone to snap a few photos of the entryway, then makes a lame excuse to the woman for why the delivery is for the wrong person.

Young-shin heads to the parking garage looking for more to the story, which is where she nearly gets plowed down by a convertible as it parks. He throws the photo in the backseat, and in an split-second of pure guts or foolishnessYoung-shin snatches the picture before the driver screeches off.

Next we jump to a charged protest site outside the corporation Samhan Group, where ex-workers and their families protest illegal layoffs.On the upside, the Scooby gang is solidifying and gaining members, and I absolutely love that.

On the downside, all that new peril I just mentioned. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Jung-hoo sits down anyway and tries to ask questions about the case. He finally gets his attention by playing a turn in the card game, which gets a reaction from the ex-officer, and Jung-hoo presses him to talk about the old case.

Particularly the statement he took from the suspect named Seo Joon-seok. The daughter confirms, remembering being evicted from home inand provides the name of the other officer who met a similar fate: Park Dong-chul. Jung-hoo gives the name to Min-ja to track down.

healer ep 16 part 3 eng sub dailymotion

Then she spots something on her map that sets her on alert. She calls Moon-ho just as he arrives at the newspaper and hears that Young-shin scored the interview with Myung-hee after all. Moon-shik takes Young-shin to Jeil Newspaper, and his string of praise for her recent work is puzzling, since her recent work stained his name and all. She explains having an interview scheduled, but Moon-shik says that he has already informed his wife of its cancellation.

Over at the house, Myung-hee prepares freshly baked cookies and deflates when her housekeeper gives her the message. Moon-shik takes out that old photo and identifies himself and his wife, and watches her reaction carefully as he points out Seo Joon-seok.

He also points to Teacher and says he recently died, which is enough for Young-shin to start connecting dots in her head, though she does a good job of keeping a poker face.

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He calls in a certain Manager Ahn to brief her, saying she has to know the full story in order to join their side. Young-shin practically rolls her eyes while the Jeil team presents the Healer as a loose cannon and cold-blooded killer. She fidgets impatiently, knowing the full story, but her old panic response starts to kick in—her breathing grows labored and her vision blurs.

As instructed, she supplied the name Park Dong-chul. The Jeil employee informs Manager Ahn that their bait was taken.

Ep 16: Definitely Not Prague

Young-shin approaches the board and reaches a shaking hand out to the mostly obscured photo of Jung-hoo. As they head to the car, Young-shin fills Moon-ho in on what his brother said about Jung-hoo being the Healer and working against him.

He clocks her reaction and stops, while she asks him about the piece of fingernail he hired Healer to take from her. Young-shin struggles to take this in, blinking back tears.

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